The 2017 BDRC Time Trial

» 2016 Time Trial

  1. This is a 4 mile race with staggered start times.

  2. The race will start at the Rugby club at the top of Humphries drive. The route will run c.2 miles up the Halse Road towards Halse and back the same way. The turning point is Halse Copse farm, marked either by a marshal and/or a 'runners in road' sign.

  3. As this race will be on open roads all runners MUST wear high viz and run against the traffic flow ie on the right hand side of the road in both directions. This is particularly important in the April qualifying and the finals night, where light is limited. THE FINALS NIGHT MAY BE RUN ERLIER THAN THE QUALIFYING EVENTS DUE TO FAILING LIGHT. PLEASE ENSURE YOU KEEP AND EYE ON THE FACEBOOK GROUP POSTS FOR UPDATES ON THIS.

  4. The staggered start tries to ensure everybody finishes at approximately the sme time. The winner is the first runner ‘home’. Numbered tokens will be handed to finishers as they cross the line. The tokens and names will be matched up to times after the event. Timing will be done by stopwatch.

  5. At event 1, your handicap, and therefore your start time, will be extrapolated from your park run PB. If no park run time exists then these runners will start at the same time as the first runner.

  6. Subsequent event start times will be adjusted based on your previous performance. See below.

  7. Entrants to the time trial will need to comment on the facebook post about start times before 6pm on the day before the event so that start times can be calculated and published. Meeting time for the race will be published the day before the race based on 10/15mins before the first runners start time.

  8. Time trials will be run monthly on the following dates:

    a. Qualifying 1: Thur 27th April
    b. Qualifying 2: Thur 25th May
    c. Qualifying 3: Thur 22nd June
    d. Qualifying 4: Thur 20th July
    e. Qualifying 5: Thur 17th August
    f. Finals: Thur 7th September

» Click here to view the route

Events a to e are qualifiers for the finals time trial in early September. Awards will be presented to the first 3 home (regardless of gender!).

Entrants must run at least TWO of the 5 time trials to take part in the final.

Start time adjustments:
a. If you beat your handicap, ie you arrive before the set finish time, your start time for the next event will be adjusted down by 90% of the time you beat the finishing time by, and your start time will be adjusted accordingly.

b. If you fail to break your handicap, i.e. you arrive after the set finish time, your start time for the next event will be adjusted up by 50% of the time you finished after the target finish time.

c. For the final the start times will be calculated based on runners best time in the qualifying time trials.